Recording Detail
Benjamin Shwartz: viola, piano, keyboards
Maria Emilia Martinez: flute
Federico Schmucler: guitar
Mauricio Moro "Osito": saxophones
Carina Lopez: bass
Gustavo Nandayapa: drums
Carlos Metta: percussion, jaranas
Chatran Gonzalez: percussion
Jair Alcala: accordeon
Jose Paquito Hernandez: bajo saxto
Bernardo Ron: guitars
Alex Otoaloa: guitars
Todd Clouser: guitars
Misha Marks: horn, latarra
Fausto Palma: oud, sarangi
Dan Zlotnik: sax

Produced and arranged by Benjamin Shwartz
Recorded at "la caja acustica," Mexico City, Mexico by Benjamin Shwartz
Assisted by Carina Lopez
Mixed by Marc Urselli at EastSide Studio, New York NY

Recordings with Lyrics
Recordings with Lyrics
Event Pieces
Event Pieces

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