Recording Detail
Trey Spruance: electric guitar, baritone guitar, jj, sitar guitar, analog synth pads, extra percussion theater organ, clavinet, kinnor, nevel, glockenspiel, sound fx
Jason Schimmel: electric guitar, acoustic 12-string electric guitar, lap steel, sitar
Eyvind Kang: violin, viola
Matt Lebofsky: Hammond and Farfisa organs, piano, electric piano, Moog
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz: bass, oud, gimbri

Arranged by Trey Spruance
Recorded and produced by Trey Spruance
Smith. Grohowski and Blumenkranz recorded July 2015 at EastSide Sound New York NY by Marc Urselli
Kang, Schimmel, Pamsh and some Lebofsky recorded May 2017 at The Bunker Studio, LA by Jason Schimmel
Spruance and some Lebofsky recorded intermittently 2016-2017 at Fork Paths Studio by Trey Spruance

Recordings with Lyrics
Recordings with Lyrics
Event Pieces
Event Pieces

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