Recording Detail
Sofía Rei: vocals
JC Maillard: bass saz

Lyrics by Sofia Rei
Arrangements by JC Maillard and Soffa Rei
Recorded at "Shh ... !" Studio and various living rooms. hotel rooms and basements Mixed by JC Maillard at Flux Studios New York NY
The Sazbass is built by Herve Prudent


lyrics by Sofia Rei

Luz que encendiéndose
Logró un fueqo exacto
Yen un segundo
Y silbando alto
Llenó de muerte al amor

Cuadro de dias perfectas.
Ligeros pases.
Planes inciertos
Y una avalancha de adrenalina en la voz

Busco y encuentro el veneno en tu corazón
Y aunque sea tan pequeno es más que los dos
Vue lvo a tu encanto y es ayer
Dibujo tu cara al amanecer


Light coming on
She achieved an exact fire
and in a second
and whistling loud
She filled love with death

Picture of perfect days.
Light passes.
Uncertain plans
And an avalanche of adrenaline in the voice

I search and find the poison in your heart
And even though it's so small, it's more than both
I return to your charm and it's yesterday
I draw your face at dawn

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Recordings with Lyrics
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