Recording Detail
Eyvind Kang: viola, violin, guitars, korg synth
Maya Dunietz: voice
Jessika Kenney: voice
Hans Teuber: clarinets, flute
Skerik: tenor sax
Cuong Vu: trumpet
Jacob Yackshaw: bass
Dave Abramson: drums
Zelda: lyrics

Recorded and mixed by Randall Dunn at Avast, Seattle
Basic tracks recorded by Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound, New York NY

Arranged by Eyvind Kang
Produced by Eyvind Kang and Randall Dunn


Text: "Every Rose" by Zelda
Translation: John Zorn

כל שושנה היא אי
של השלום המבטח
השלום הנצחי

בכל שושנה מתגוררת
צפור ספירית
“ששמה ”וכתתו

כה קרוב
אור השושנה
כה קרוב
כה קרוב
שקט העלים
כה קרוב
אותו אי -
קח סירה
וחצה את ים האש


every rose is an island
of the promised peace,
eternal peace.

within every rose dwells
a sapphire bird whose name is “veitetu*”.

and it seems
so near
the light of that rose,
so near
its scent
so near,
the silence of its leaves,
so near
that island-
take a boat
and break through that sea of fire.


translator's note: "veitetu" (lit. "and they shall beat") references "and they shall beat their swords into plowshares." (Isaiah 2:4)

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