Recording Detail
Sam Eastmond: trumpet, shofar
Mike Wilkins: alto sax, clarinet
Paul Booth: tenor sax, flute
Josephine Davies: tenor, soprano sax
Gemma Moore: baritone sax, bass clarinet
Noel Langley: trumpet, flugelhorn
George Hogg: trumpet, flugelhorn
Yazz Ahmed: trumpet, flugelhorn, FX
Ben Greenslade-Stanton: trombone, FX
Tim Smart: trombone
Moss Freed: guitar
Elliot Galvin: keyboards
Mike Guy: accordion
Oren Marshall: tuba
Mark Lewandowski: double bass
Will Glaser: drums, percussion

Produced by Ben Greenslade-Stanton
Arranged and directed by Sam Eastmond
Recorded and mixed August 2017 at Kungar Sound Studios, London UK by Ben Greenslade-Stanton

Recordings with Lyrics
Recordings with Lyrics
Event Pieces
Event Pieces

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