Recording Detail
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: vocals
Sara Serpa: vocals
Sofía Rei: vocals
Malika Zarra: vocals

Arranged by Mycale
Produced by Ayelet Rose Gottlieb, Sofia Rei, Sara Serpa, Malike Zarra
Recorded and mixed by Marc Urselli at Eastside Sound, New York NY
Mastered by Scott Hull


Text: Lindy Giacomán Canavati
Arr: Sofia Rei

Siete llaves, siete puertas
Y ninguna casa mía
Siete puñales sentía
Siete soledades muertas.

Siete puertas que se cierran
Siete profundas heridas
Y siete notas perdidas
Que no encontraron respuesta.

Siete inernos, siete mares
Siete miedos fantasmales
Siete sueños fermentados
Siete verson suicidados.

Siete llaves, siete puertas
Siete, siete eternidades.


Seven keys, seven doors
And nowhere my house
Seven knifes I felt
Seven dead solitudes.

Seven closing doors
Seven deep wounds
And seven lost notes
That couldn’t find an answer.

Seven hells, seven seas
Seven ghostly fears
Seven fermented dreams
Seven suicidal verses.

Seven doors, seven keys

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