Recording Detail
Trey Spruance: baritone guitar, electric guitar, organ, percussion, synth, autoharp, piano, bass
Anonymous 13: voice, viola
Rich Doucette: sarangi
Jai Young Kim: B3 organ
Jason Schimmel: guitar
Monica Schley: harp
Timba Harris: violin, trumpet
Adam Stacey: clavinet
Tim Smolens: cello, upright bass
Shahzad Ismaily: bass
Ches Smith: drums, congas

Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Trey Spruance at Forking Path, CA
Additional recording by Jason Schimmel and Tim Smolens and Trey Spruance at The Chummery, Seattle, WA
Drums, bass and congas recorded by Arun Venkatesh at Big Blue Meanie, Jersey City, NJ
Mix finalized by Justin Phelps and Trey Spruance at Hyde Street Studios, San Francisco CA

Recordings with Lyrics
Recordings with Lyrics
Event Pieces
Event Pieces

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