Recording Detail
Ayelet Rose Gottlieb: vocals
Sara Serpa: vocals
Sofía Rei: vocals
Malika Zarra: vocals

Recorded and mixed 1, 2, 5 October 2009 at Eastside Sound by Marc Urselli
Produced by Mycale
Mastered by Scott Hull


From "El libro del desasosiego" by Fernando Pessoa
and one verse from a Latin American traditional song
translation by Richard Zenith
lyrics by Sofia Rei

De repente el silencio había dejado de respirar
Súbitamente de acero un día infinito se astilló
Una luz sin alma entró en los rincones y en las almas
Y un sonido de montaña se precipitó de lo alto

Clavelito, clavelito, estrella de la mañana, ay

Se paró mi corazón, me latió la garganta


Without warning the silence had stopped breathing. ( ... )
Suddenly the light of all hells cracked Like steel( ... )
A soulless light had swept through all nooks and souls,
and the sound of a nearby mountain tumbled down from
on high, rending the hard veil of the abyss with a boom ( ... )
My heart stopped My throat gulped( ... )

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