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MASADA: An unofficial cross-sectional discography
  A noble attempt to do what I have created in a pre-Book-Two universe      

A Dictionary of Angels (Including the Fallen Angels) by Gustav Davidson [*]
  The resource used by John Zorn to name all of the tunes in Book Two      

le zornographe
  The premiere resource for all things Zorn. En français      

"The Night: Contemporary" on Concertzender
  A streaming radio program hosted by Kees van de Wiel He has played the Book of Angels in its entirety *in sequence* over a series of bi-weekly shows.
      Book of Angels #1-#74
      Book of Angels #75-#140
      Book of Angels #141-#204
      Book of Angels #205-#270
      Book of Angels #271-#316

John Zorn Resource
  A site whose mission is to comprehensively catalogue the recorded work of John Zorn