Xaphan: The Book of Angels, Volume 9

Secret Chiefs 3

Sheburiel 155
Akramachamrei 290
Shoel 20
Barakiel 232
Bezrial 45
Kemuel 182
Labbiel 286
Asron 274
Balberith 256
Omael 250
Hamaya 70
Trey Spruance: baritone guitar, electric guitar, organ, percussion, synth, autoharp, piano, bass
Anonymous 13: voice, viola
Rich Doucette: sarangi
Shahzad Ismaily: bass
Jai Young Kim: B3 organ
Jason Schimmel: guitar
Monica Schley: harp
Ches Smith: drums, congas
Tim Smolens: cello, upright bass
Adam Stacey: clavinet
Timb Harris: violin, trumpet

Recorded at Forking Paths Studio in San Francisco,
The Chummery in Seattle,
and Big Blue Meanie in Jersey City, New Jersey 

Released throughout May of 2008
Tzadik 7364