The Gentle Side

The Dreamers

Disc 1
A: Flying Blind
B: Sombra en el Espejo

Disc 2
A: The Wind in the Clouds
B: Perfect Crime 196
Disc 3
A: Para Borrar tu Andar
B: Kafiristan
Disc 4
A: Do Not Let Us Forget
B: La Despedida
Disc 5
A1: Burn take 1
A2: Burn take 2
B: Waiting for Christmas
Disc 6
A: The Man in the Blue Mask
B: Assassin’s­ Bay

In 2013, John Zorn put together a project he called "The Song Project," where artists would compose lyrics to works that spanned his career. One of these, Perfect Crime was created from Dalqiel, which was originally recorded on the album Lucifer. Lyrics by Sean Lennon.

This is a set of six 7-inch 45 RPM records.