Book One


Bar Kokhba



Gevurah - Kenny Wollesen & Anthony Coleman

Nezikin - Masada String Trio

Mahshav - David Krakauer & Anthony Coleman

Rokhev - Masada String Trio

Abidan - Chris Speed & John Medeski

Sheloshim - Masada String Trio

Hath-Arob - Chris Speed & John Medeski

Paran - David Krakauer & John Medeski

Mahlah - Marc Ribot

Socoh - Masada String Trio

Yechida - Anthony Coleman

Bikkurim - Masada String Trio

Idalah-Abal - Chris Speed & John Medeski



Tannaim - Masada String Trio

Nefesh - Kenny Wollesen & John Medeski

Abidan - Masada String Trio

Mo'ed - John Medeski & Anthony Coleman

Maskil - Marc Ribot

Mishpatim - Kenny Wollesen & Anthony Coleman

Sansanah - Speed, Medeski, Feldman

Shear-Jashub - Masada String Trio

Mahshav - John Medeski

Sheloshim - Medeski, Wollesen, Speed, Douglas

Mochin - Marc Ribot

Karaim - Masada String Trio

Book Two: The Book of Angels

unrecorded tunes

tracks per band


Book Three: The Book of Beriah

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Book Two:
The Book of Angels

Book Three:
The Book of Beriah

Book One

Book Three:
The Book of Beriah